Our vision for Ummo is ambitious; we believe that the added self-awareness Ummo provides can change the way its users communicate, and to that end, we want to be everybody's personal speech coach, anytime and anywhere.

Today, Ummo lives on your smartphone. It listens to you talk and gives real-time feedback to help you improve your communication skills. We see it being used by individuals day-to-day to prepare for interviews and presentations, as well as by enterprises, professional speech coaches, and educators to train clients, employees, and students in effective communication.

We are exploring additional use cases for Ummo, particularly with hardware and wearable integrations. Imagine a clip-on mic or necklace that seamlessly and continuously analyzes your speech over the course of an entire day, providing real-time feedback via your Apple Watch, buzzing your wrist each time you say a filler word or showing you data you care about on your watch display.